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Ethical Policy

Ethical policy

CJCMR editors may seek advice about submitted papers not only from technical reviewers but also on any aspect of a paper that raises concerns. These may include, for example, ethical issues or issues of data or materials access. Very occasionally, concerns may also relate to the implications to society of publishing a paper, including threats to security. In such circumstances, advice will usually be sought simultaneously with the technical peer-review process. As in all publishing decisions, the ultimate decision whether to publish is the responsibility of the editor of the journal concerned.

CJCMR team is committed to uphold the integrity of the work published. The value of academic publishing relies on everyone involved behaving ethically. The following points are only intended to give a broad overview and are not exhaustive.

  • (1) We should promote fairness and equality and oppose discrimination.
  • (2) We should promote the transparency of and respect for the academic record.
  • (3) We should respect the confidentiality of others.
  • (4) We should be transparent about real or apparent competing interests.