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Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Authors

The Papers are invited in the subject areas i.e. Accountings, Finance, Management Accounting, Business, Commerce, Corporate Governance, Financial Accounting, Economics, Information technology, Management, Organization behaviour, Organization psychology, Marketing Management, Human Resources, Materials Management, Management of change Organization Culture, Organization Development, knowledge Management, time management, stress management and so on. It also proposes to cover business and economic affairs, pertaining to industry, commerce, international trade, services, foreign direct investment, foreign portfolio investment, business processes outsourcing, statistics, international business, environment, risk management, globalization and related areas.
The Guidelines for Original research papers/Articles/Case Studies/Review Papers/Book Reviews are as follows:

1. Format of paper:

Paper format MS Word
Font Times New Roman
Font size 16pt. and Bold for Title of the Paper, 14pt and Bold for heading in the paper, 12pt. for text.
Line spacing 1.5
Margin 1 inch on all sides.
Layout Use a single column layout with both left and right margins justified.
Language English and Hindi

Title page:

It should contain title of the paper, followed by name(s) of author(s), Designation, Affiliation, E-mail, Phone, Fax with STD code and Postal Address. Authors should not write their name and affiliations anywhere else in the paper.

Tables, graphs, and charts etc.:

In the text, the references for table should be mentioned as Table-1 and so on, not as above table. Same should be followed in case of graphs and charts. Each table, graph and chart should be numbered, titled.

Length of paper:
Abstract 500 words
Full length paper maximum 7000 words

References : APA Format

Authors may take help by clicking on the link of a Sample Paper format.You can download the Sample Paper from here.
You can send your paper on editor@cjcmr.org or submit online (refer manuscript submission), We accept papers in soft format only.

2. Copyright form :

Once your paper is accepted than you are asked to sent Copy Right Declaration Form duly signed by any one authors along with publication fees.
You can download the copyright form from here

3. Publication Fees :

• C.J.C.M.R. charges a humble amount of Publication fees i.e. Rs. 1200/- for single author and for multiple authors Rs. 1600/- to be paid    online or directdeposit in Bank A/C.
• For International Authors (Authors outside India) needs to pay US$ 100 for single author and for multiple authors US$ 120.